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TCA Touch Peel

TCA touch™Peel is a trichloroacetic acid solution with the ability to control the penetration resulting in a unique nonaggressive and multi-functional treatment.

Tca Touch Peel Chemical Peel Treatment Rotorua Freya Aesthetics

What is TCA Touch Peel?

TCA TOUCH™ contains a 30% strength of Trichloroacetic acid.*

Unlike traditional chemical TCA Peels, this treatment is achieved over 30 minutes with the application of a gel based formula. The treatment is tolerated by most, some results are seen instantly and clients are provided with a professional home-care kit containing sophisticated products for ongoing use over the following seven days to further optimise ones results.

These have proven to be very well received by most of our clients and therefore have become one of our long-standing skin treatments.

For those concerned for how their skin will look afterwards, this treatment has little to no downtime, there is minimal redness nor heat in the skin. For some clients there will be mild flaking of the skin which commences two to four days following treatment and typically only lasts a further two to four days.

The treatments take 30 minutes with little to no downtime. Results are best achieved by fortnightly visits for four to six sessions.

 TCA Touch is a Prescription Medicine which contains a 30% strength of Trichloroacetic acid (TCA). There are risks and benefits associated with the use of TCA.

Precautions should be taken with this product and should only be administered by a medical professional. Careful consultation prior to treatment should be considered to assess suitability.

Aftercare instructions should be followed, side effects are not limited to but include; redness, inflammation, sensitivity, peeling, swelling. Speak with your medical professional to determine if this product is right for you and to understand all the potential risks, side effects and benefits.  

TCA is not funded for aesthetic purposes. You will need to pay the full cost of this medicine. (pHformula New Zealand – Boutique Beauty Brands Napier NZ)

TCA Touch Peel FAQS

This treatment is only 30 minutes.

You may feel a slight burning sensation on your skin as the active ingredients do their work.

  • Acne scars and other types of scarring 

  • Hyperpigmentation and other spots on the skin causing discolouration. 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck

  • Improving overall skin texture and complexion

  • After a TCA, your skin will be red. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean any downtime needs to be taken. If you are happy with how your skin looks post treatment, you can go ahead with day-to-day life. Your skin will feel quite hot, so this is something to keep in mind. Within a week, there will be peeling and flaking of skin. This is also something to keep in mind if you are worried about the appearance of your skin in the following days after treatment. You will receive a kit to nourish your skin following from the peel. We will also suggest a serum which is great after this treatment to maximise results.

The TCA can be done every 3 months if you are loving the results.

TCA Touch Peel Results

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